Recent advances in small UAS technology allow their use in wide variety of military and security applications. We offer solutions that allow integration of UAS into human teams performing complex missions and extension of existing security measures. These solutions could improve aerial protection of your assets and increase efficiency of intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and other tactical missions. Solutions are built on state-of-the-art AI algorithms for coordination and cooperation of heterogeneous multi-asset teams (fixed wing aircraft and VTOL) capable of autonomous operation in hostile environment.

Complex ISTAR missions

Intelligence, Surveillance, Target acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) are complex operations carried out in hostile environment. UAS can support human team members to improve safety and efficiency of these missions. We provide agent-based system for robust decentralized control of cooperative heterogeneous multi-asset team.

Benefits of increased UAS autonomy:

  • Single operator handling multiple assets
  • Lower the cognitive load of human team members
  • Decreased communication requirements
  • Automated mission re-planning and plan repair
  • Better situation awareness
  • Increased safety of human team members

Basic system features:

  • Strategic and tactical mission planning and execution
  • Autonomous control of a team of heterogeneous UAS
  • Simultaneous operations, automated task allocation
  • Real-time monitoring and control feedback
  • Decision support system
  • Integration with existing situation awareness frameworks

Security applications

Existing measures for infrastructure protection and other security applications usually consist of physical measures (fences, barriers, gates), static sensors and security guards. This could bring problems in case of large-scale infrastructures, rough terrain (mountains, dams, forests) and temporary installations. Introduction of UAS into existing systems brings numerous advantages, e.g. better area coverage, lower incident response time or sensor data feed into situation awareness frameworks.

Examples of security applications which could benefit from UAS integration:

  • Protection of critical infrastructure installations
  • Border patrol
  • Large area monitoring
  • Disaster relief operations

We provide UAS operation control system, which could be easily integrated into existing security measures to improve operator’s situation awareness. System supports automated UAS operation, multi-asset control and coordination and real-time data feed and interaction with human operator.

System can operate in following modes:

  • Fully autonomous - assets are operating according to predefined plan, operator is notified when an unusual situation is detected
  • Semi-autonomous - operator can take control over payload and in a limited way even over asset movement
  • Manual - remote operator can fully overtake asset control, e.g. to perform target tracking when intrusion is detected

System features:

  • Custom 3D environment modeling
  • No-flight zone definition
  • Optimal area coverage design
  • Definition of patrolling strategies
  • On-line video processing and intrusion detection
  • Multi-asset control, asset scheduling
  • Energy management - auto recharge


To control and operate aerial assets in automated mode we use state-of-the-art AI algorithms. Use of these algorithms allows operating whole team as a single unit and reduces cognitive load of human operator.

  • Flight trajectory planning in dynamic 3D environment
    • Terrain representation
    • No-fly zones / geofencing
    • Considering weather conditions (wind, clouds)
  •  Detect and Avoid (DAA)
    • Cooperative methods based on mutual flight plan exchange
    • Non-cooperative methods
  • Game theory for unpredictable flight trajectory planning