ATM Modeling and Simulation

Large-scale simulation of air traffic. It includes simulation of physical and navigation environment, aircraft and cognitive model of air traffic controllers. System can perform what-if analyses, validation and verification of new settings, tools, and concepts. By integration with human-in-the-loop systems, it can provide more realistic environment and responses to human operators.

UAS Integration into Shared Airspace

Solutions for UAS integration into shared airspace. Advanced software tools and algorithms for UAS operators, regulators and service providers - unmanned traffic management (UTM) for very low level operations, trajectory planning, geofencing, conflict detection and resolution, operation in controlled airspace, interaction with ATC.

Tactical Operations - Military & Security

Complex systems for aerial protection of your assets, intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and other tactical missions. Improved security of critical infrastructure, industrial complexes, warehouses, etc. Coordination and cooperation in heterogeneous teams (fixed wing aircraft and VTOL), autonomous operation in hostile environment.

Aerial Work Automation

Aerial work with focus on automation of whole processing chain - 3D trajectory planning, data acquisition, multiple sensor data fusion, post processing. Process automation brings higher speed, precision and repeatability compared to human controlled UAS operations. Solutions for precision agriculture, aerial mapping and 3D modeling, industrial inspection and others.

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