Research Simulations

The AgentFly is used as a research platform. It allows fast prototyping and implementation of new concepts and ideas that can be easily validated and verified. Research can be conducted by AgentFly team, in cooperation with customer researchers, and as a partner in larger research projects.

Examples of research topics

  • ATM - Building cognitive workload model of air traffic controllers and other human operators, flight centric environment including research of different roles.
  • UAS Integration - UTM center and remote pilot role definition, UAS awareness of other aircraft,communication related problems and contingency procedures.
  • Security and Military - Trajectory planning in complex environment, autonomous conflict detection and resolution for cooperative and noncooperative aircraft, team action planning.

Customer Systems Enhancement

The AgentFly architecture is designed to be easily interconnected with other systems. The AgentFly can be integrated with real-time simulators to support human-in-the loop experiments, run side-by-side with other systems to provide additional functionalities, integrate external tools and algorithms, or used as support tool, e.g. aircraft target generator.

Example of system integrations

  • ATM - Integration with Traffic Flow Management System to use simulated air traffic controllers for application of traffic managers instructions.
  • Security and Military - Integration of external game theory optimizations for team action planning, algorithms for conflict resolution, or aircraft flight dynamics models.

Customized Products

The AgentFly can be used as complex solution customized to fit needs of the customer. The AgentFly can be used as a service to run studies and provide measurements and answers, deployed as standalone system for everyday work of researchers or running as server platform, or be operated as complete chain including hardware, sensors and processing.

  • ATM - Platform for evaluation of an impact of airspace sectorization to air traffic controllers workload
  • Aerial Work - System for automated border or perimeter protection, automated acquisition of buildings or structures 3D models, inspection and monitoring using various sensors.
  • Visualization - Visualization framework with open architecture to provide predefined and user defined modules.


The AgentFly Technologies can provide expertise in areas of ATM, UTM, and UAS. Company experts combine unique combination of knowledge from different industrial domains and academic research.