Provide technological solutions for the next generation of aerospace systems by a combination of state of the art AI algorithms, domain knowledge, precise engineering, and efficient development.


AgentFly technologies is a research and development bringing the latest technology and advanced algorithms into domains of air traffic simulations, unmanned system autonomy, aerial work operations, and urban air mobility. Activities range across applied research, software and hardware development, deployment of complete solutions, integration into customer systems, professional drones flying, and consultancy. Our approach is to maximally pay attention to customer individual requests, resolve challenging problems, and provide a tailored solution.

The company team consists of highly skilled professional researchers, software and hardware developers, ATM/UAS domain experts, and certified UAS pilots. Our experts have strong experience with basic and applied research as well as the development of complex products and their integration with 3rd party systems. We have been defining the state-of-the-art in the domain, gaining new experience, and pushing boundaries further.


European Organisation
for Civil Aviation Equipment
UAVA Aliance
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Alliance